tyra banks antm 15 320 'America's Next Top Model' recap: Who Was That Masked Man?On “America’s Next Top Model,” the girls go back to the house and see Ann’s winning picture, which makes Kacey start complaining about how it is time for Ann to topple. To make amends with the rest of the house, she decides to get to know the girls by making them write questions down on a piece of paper and answer them. Cue sob stories. Except for Jane, who had money growing up. There is also a saltine eating contest that only Lexie competes in.

Inside a tunnel, the girls are told they’ll wear Herve Leroux bandage dresses on a little stage… with some guys. Kacey is worried that she won’t be able to control her flirt. Turns out that the challenge is on a conveyer belt that goes in two different directions. Liz gets a dress with a train and starts complaining. Shocker. There is an audience watching them… honestly, this didn’t need to close down a tunnel. Chelsey starts off first and starts stumbling… but doesn’t fall. Liz stumbles and spews profanity. Others trip and there are lost shoes and some fall getting off the runway, but no double-pendulum disasters. Kacey wins and screams like she’s being murdered.

ALT makes a visit to the model house, and brings Karolina Kurkova over for a visit. ALT calls Ann out for cooking fried Oreos (delicious!) and Karolina makes healthy smoothies. Once she leaves, there’s more Kacey and Lexie drama.

The models have to face off in a ring against luchadores. My favorite is Shamu, Jr…. but only because the subtitles inform us that he’s not really a whale. Thanks, editors. Kacey gets to wear some rockin’ boots. Ann breaks down when she gets some bad feedback.

Kendal is pretty, but doesn’t understand ugly-pretty. Lexie doesn’t look like a model. Ester looks good, but the wrestler has more facial expression, even with a mask. Chesley gets a lesson on pointing from Tyra. Ann gives her sob story, but ALT and Nigel go gaga for it. Jane’s picture looks a little too porny. Chris jumps in the air and looks awesome. Kayla’s judging outfit gets called dreckitude, but her photo gets compliments. Liz looks possessed and evil, so naturally Tyra likes it. Kacey’s picture is safe, but she looks like she’s older than Tyra. Best picture is Ann… again. She made history by getting it four times in a row. Too bad, I liked Chris’s better. She comes in second. The bottom two are Lexie and Jane. Lexie goes home… Kacey will likely have a lot of thoughts on that matter next week.

Photo credit: The CW

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