alasia new zealand antm 'America's Next Top Model': Sheep go to heaven, Alasia goes homeThe “America’s Next Top Model” girls head to New Zealand, where they are greeted with a Maori performance atop a volcano and the news that they must head to go-sees immediately. This is particularly cruel, given that they’ve just endured a 22-hour flight, but not unusual for this show.

As Krista says, “We smell like yesterday.” They have four and a half hours to see six designers, and are given cabs and a map to aid them. The girls run into each other at the various go-sees, and Raina in fact sprints past Alex to get to one designer first. Though designers agree that Raina has a lovely face, her walk is bad and she has kind of a weird body.

Alasia is finding her swagger, and with her body would make a good swimsuit model. Designers find Krista very striking, though Jessica is deemed too commercial by several. Alex is too casual in her Ugg boots, and one designer notes that she has bad skin. And then there’s Angelea. Her hair is a mess, so she decides to wow the designers with her personality. She manages to do it, because she gets to all six go-sees and all of the designers love her.

Only Jessica, Angelea and Alexandra make it back to the agency on time, which is of course a crucial part of the go-see challenge. Krista is only three minutes late, but is still disqualified. Since she had last week’s best photo, however, she still gets to share in the prize and receives a piece from every go-see designer. Raina’s cab is stuck in traffic, so she decides to walk. Bad move, since she gets stuck in a rainstorm and lost. Disqualified.

Alasia is, of course, the latest of all. She left her map behind at her last go-see, and arrives at the agency forty-five minutes after her deadline. She is disqualified, and gets a particularly stern talking-to. Of the three girls who got back on time, it’s no contest. Jessica booked only one out of four go-sees, and Alexandra booked zero out of four. Angelea, however, booked a whopping six out of six. She gets a confidence boost and a gown from each designer.

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