antm liz chris kasey gondola italy 'America's Next Top Model': So many issues, one Vogue Italia cover

As the weeks go by on “America’s Next Top Model,” the contestants’ faults are smizing harder than they are. On Wednesday’s (Nov. 3) episode, Liz and her constant whining were the first to be sent home from Italy. 
We’re pretty sure that not only was the panel turned off by her hoochie stance on that gondola in the photo shoot, but also when she cut them off to tell them it was hard to balance standing there. It’s your job to make it look effortless, Andre Leon Talley’s “oh, no she didn’t” look seemed to say. 
Liz wasn’t alone with her issues. All the other girls are carrying their own, as well. 
Sure, they’re human and everyone has problems, but not everyone is on national TV trying to be a top model. And these are things that could potentially send them home.
Chris: She thinks she knows everything and let’s face it, she doesn’t know high fashion. So, she should close her mouth and open her ears. She’s still getting by on being cheeky and we don’t think that will take her to the end.
Chelsey: She’s hungry; let’s not get it twisted. But, she keeps saying that she has modeled for a long time and this is her last chance to make it big in the industry. Will her hunger turn to desperation?
americas next top model nigel italy 'America's Next Top Model': So many issues, one Vogue Italia cover
I sure miss Esther.

Jane: The overachieving Princeton student sees winning this contest as yet another lofty goal she’d like to reach. Yet, that could go overboard and make the judges feel as if she really doesn’t want to be a top model and that she just wants the title.
Ann: Social phobias aplenty, Ann has a hard time willing herself past her fears and awkwardness. She knows she has to, but her progress isn’t matching the pace of the competition.
Kayla: She has a deep-rooted mistrust of men from when she was sexually assaulted. She got lucky in the gondola shoot, because she didn’t actually have to look at the guy or show much affection toward him. What happens when it’s just her and a male model and she has to actually look like she’s into him?
Which girl do you think will reach past her issues and snag the one issue that matters? You know the Vogue Italia Beauty insert cover thing that Tyra Banks can’t quite explain?

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