antm cw jane liz skating 'America's Next Top Model': Squeals on wheels

The top models were separated from the pack on Wednesday’s Oct. 27 episode of “America’s Next Top Model,” in which Tyra Banks put the girls on skates and we watched some of them fall right into the bottom of the heap.
It’s really anyone’s contest at this point. Ann, with her 5-photo challenge-winning streak broken, has continued to falter as speaking and moving are starting to take over the competition. She looked like a newly born deer walking on wobbly legs in the Zac Posen runway show. 
Then when Ann had to strap on roller skates for a commercial challenge, her fear got the better of her and she skated right into this week’s bottom two with Esther. Ouch, that fall must have hurt! We weren’t referring to her actual fall, though that looked painful too.
Chris, who has no problem in the confidence department, took the top spot this week. Liz, who won last week, let her fear turn into uncontrollable laughing and really tested Nigel Barker’s patience as he directed this week’s fake commercial.
In the end, Esther delivered a flat commercial performance and she was ousted. Poor thing could put the Energizer Bunny to sleep with her lack-o-personality. 
Do you think the judges sent home the right girl? And is anyone wondering if Miss Jay is going to do a formal runway class with these girls? They all could use it.

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Photo credit: The CW

Posted by:Jethro Nededog