The sad thing is Brittany is chosen as being this week’s best. Her photo involves a camel-colored sheer scarf that covers her whole face and facial features. If you weren’t told it was Brittney it might have been a girl from any horror movie about to attack you. It’s a lazy attempt to create a beauty shot and actually turns out a little frightening.

The prize for winning is posing with two male models Tyra discovered (probably on her talk show or at a nearby Starbucks) for her website. The resulting photos looks like a threesome, in a bad way.

Aliens, Salvador Dali, and Jesus, oh my.

At panel, China Chow — the petite model guest judge of the week — likes Erin’s “alien look” beauty shot, and although I don’t see it as alien I do think it’s one of the better shots because my eyes go to her eyes, which is a sign of a great beauty shot. Erin might have some personality issues according to Tyra, but her eyes pop and it is more about her face than the stupid scarf that’s around her head.

Nicole’s reminds me of the contorted women in a Salvador Dali painting, with her elbow being where my eye went first. She moves well and gets praised for it by the judges. But really, for this shoot should we be looking at her elbow? Why do the judges praise Nicole, Bianca and the other girls for how they move her body but bashes Ashley for her dancer background?

Rae has a great shoot, and it amplifies her ballerin
a look from the first week. Airy, angelic and coy but confident, Rae pulled off a great beauty shot that Shiseido should see.

I really thought Kara would be in the bottom two. I thought it would be her because Nigel mentioned she looked dead in her photo and Tyra proclaimed that Kara was relying on her DNA. This is an interesting statement and Tyra should have explained this more. Even if you are naturally beautiful, showing up and relying on the camera is not the attitude a professional model should have. Relying on your DNA to get the job done is being careless. Still, I’m not sure that Kara is being careless. I think her photo is alluring, but the judges aren’t happy with it.

Ashley supposedly gave Tyra a hard time during shooting with needing her scarf changed three times, but I think Ashley (who is later head-to-head with Bianca as one of the final two in the petite pit) actually got a nice result. The light hits the side of her profile beautifully and her eyes tell a story I want to know about. Even though her face was put under a blue scarf, she looks prettier than Brittany.

Despite her height she has modeled for Marshalls, Victoria’s Secret,
Easy Spirit, Macy’s, Bon Appetit, Time Magazine, TLC, Women’s World,
and many others. You can find her at and follow her on Twitter.


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