did cast an amputee, and girls with missing limbs, proving all types can model.]

My favorite lines of the night are  with Jay trying to calm Bianca during the shoot:

Jay: What makes you happy?
Bianca: Jesus.
Jay: Look up as if you are seeing him.

I didn’t expect to see Jesus show up on America’s Next Top Model, but he did. It works  and Bianca looksaway from the camera, a profile shot, but it still looks nice.

Who is going home?

Brittany looks like she was already crying before the judgment began.

Waiting for Tyra, I Twitter: “Lulu might be gone. But I think she has a great beauty for cosmetic and hair care modeling.”  

Then I think Ashley might be gone with her badly posed, too spread legs.

brittany_topmodel13_ep4.jpgBrittany has this Halloween Addams family look with her brunette hair. It goes well with her photo which has the vibe of a Natalia Vodianova in Vogue‘s Alice in Wonderland photo spread.

Nigel mentions that Bianca should have had her shoulders back a little and her face looks calm (at last!) but her contorted pose doesn’t make her look longer. I think she should have arched her back a bit. Posture is important for the short model. Nigel says about her facial expression, “Her heart is coming through.”

Sundai, I love her, but her armpit!?? Why was that the focus of her shot?

Laura looks very long, stretched out in a green gown, but her hand looks scary. When modeling it is important to notice your hands, along with your body, facial expressions, hair, etc. There is a lot to think about, and posing your hands in a natural way is important because a scared, weird, awkward, posed hand can ruin the shot completely.

I think all of Laura’s shots should be cropped, she had a beautiful face and I see her modeling in a jewelry ad campaign one day.

It is a good idea for the girls to look in the mirror and practice poses before they get on set. Do they do this? I doubt it. I think they are just thrown up there to perform like circus workers.

The judges and the guest judge — petite supermodel Jaime Rishar — love Erin’s pose, but I think her back leg doesn’t appear elongated. It looks weird. I can’t stop staring at the flesh behind her knee and thinking, “Please bend a little. It looks very stiff to me.”

Rae appears and gets dissed for her pose looking too posed laying across the piece of wood. But the photographer most likely put her in that pose and it wasn’t that bad.

At the end Lulu, and her cute bangs, goes home.

Also during judgment time, Tyra tries to put the fire out over Jennifer’s drooping eye problem — Ptosis — by saying “this is nobody’s business but yours.” However this is quite hypocritical since Tyra has already screamed to the nation that Jennifer has Ptosis and a lazy eye. If Tyra really means that Jennifer’s imperfect eye should only be her business then why did she bring so much attention to it and make Jennifer feel even more self conscious in the first place? Tyra did the same with Courtney, stressing her accident and then kicking her off for it. I just hope Jennifer doesn’t complain about her eye anymore, if so, Tyra might say “bye-bye.”

Complaining and talking about Bianca can both lead you to leaving the show. Learn the lessons Courtney and Lulu have to teach, girls.

Oh, and just a heads-up for the short chicks out there who want to be models: Not knowing how to walk on a runway doesn’t mean you can’t model

Isobella Jade is known as one of the tiniest working models out there. She is also the author of “Almost 5’4″,” her modeling memoir. This fall her graphic novel “Model Life: The Journey of a Pint Size Fashion Warrior” will be released. Daily, Isobella gives modeling insight and advice on being a shorter-than-average model on her blog, Petite Modeling Tips.
Despite her height she has modeled for Marshalls, Victoria’s Secret,
Easy Spirit, Macy’s, Bon Appetit, Time Magazine, TLC, Women’s World,
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