laura crete antm 'America's Next Top Model': Tyson Beckford comes to 'Modelland'“America’s Next Top Model” all stars keeps getting weirder and weirder, as Tyra busts out her book, “Modelland,” and makes the girls film a motion editorial for it.

The Challenge

The girls have to write a blog post for the editor of Vogue Italia, which is one of the prizes if they win this cycle. This is their audition blog post and it has to talk about the scene and the fashion of Crete. They get an outfit, they chose a location, have to take photos and then they write their blog. They have three hours for all of it. The best one wins a trip back to Crete for two for seven. Nice.

Lisa focuses on hot spots, while Angelea goes more real and gritty. Allison and Laura both go to the same spot on the water. We revisit the blog thing later and find out that Angelea wins the challenge. She is totally pumped, as one would be.

The Motion Editorial

Tyra has come down off the mountain to director the girls in a fashion video for her book “Modelland.” They start off with a bunch of running scenes, then they get some more serious scenes. Lisa plays a deranged mom who is obsessed with her baby, which is hilariously scary. Laura has to dig through garbage for a lost button, then she has to spray whipped cream in her mouth. EwwwwwUH.

Then there are weapons and water and the hot sun making Allison blind. She seems to really struggle with the acting thing. Allison’s private scene is her and a kitten, awww. Then she gets to rock a blood orange scene, which hopefully makes up for her earlier weapon scene.

Angelea gets an emotional scene where she is supposed to feel unloved and unwanted by her dad. It’s hard for Angelea, because that’s where she’s been in her life, but she uses her emotions and cries. You can tell it’s good because Tyra uses her hushed voice.

Day 2 of the shoot has Tyson Beckford on hand to act with the girls and they all pretty much lose their minds. I would too, he is just … wow. Ridiculous. Like, so beautiful it hurts to look at him. Tyra, of course, steps into the motion editorial as the main girl. Heh.

Judges Panel

We watch part I of the motion editorial and, um, it’s different. There are parts that are really cool, but mostly it’s just weird, in that way that you know Tyra thinks is really arty but it’s actually just pretty silly.

At Angelea’s judging, Tyra says Angelea had an “emotional breakthrough” with Tyra. *sigh* Anyway, I think she’s safe and I think Allison is safe. I think the person being eliminated will be either Laura or Lisa and I’m leaning towards Laura, though it’s not her fault because she got that stupid whipped cream scene.

Elimination Station

Best “picture” goes to Lisa, who I think did strong stuff that we didn’t get to see as much as the judges. Next is Angelea. So Allison and Laura re Bottom 2, but thankfully Allison stays. No offense, I love Laura. But I really love Allison.

Next week: Who is going to win all stars?

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