victoria henley americas next top model 'America's Next Top Model': Victoria Henley is melting downSo, Victoria Henley is having quite the time on “America’s Next Top Model” this season. She was kind of a quirky little duck to begin with, but the pressure of the competition is really getting to her.

On Friday night’s episode, Victoria was shown to be working out a lot and not eating very much. She’s been losing weight this season and the other girls are starting to get concerned — so much so that they brought it up at panel. So Tyra is watching her now.

But in addition to the possible health issues, Victoria is home-schooled and really, really close to her mom. To the point where it’s like she can’t function without her, almost.

In a phone call home, Victoria starts crying and wailing, loud enough that the rest of the girls can easily hear her. She says to her mom, “I can’t even say how much I miss you! I feel like I’m gonna get sick. Food has no taste without you!”

It was quite the meltdown. Victoria then went on to take one of the best photos of the week. So she’s still in the competition. But for how long?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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