antm shire 'America's Next Top Model' visits The ShireThere is trouble in paradise as Krista and Angelea move from friends to rivals. Though there really aren’t any serious confrontations, there are a lot of snide remarks in interviews and a heaping quantity of shade thrown from Angelea as Krista continues to dominate the competition. Perhaps not coincidentally, Krista and Alexandra have apparently grown closer.

They pick on everyone in the house, and go so far as to imitate/mock Angelea’s “club walk” at last week’s panel. It’s well-deserved mockery, but Angelea is pissed. They also accuse Jessica of being a bad mom who can’t cook (again deservedly, after she nearly sets all of Auckland on fire while making tacos) and hate Raina and her annoying fakeness. Though Raina’s normally a sympathetic type, the multiple clips of her saying “Oh Mylanta!” indicate that Alex and Krista have a case.

The girls have a challenge on the set of the Lord of the Rings movies, and must pose in the doorway of a hobbit house to demonstrate their ability to model in cramped quarters. They each get five frames. Most of the girls totally geek out about being in Hobbiton, but Angelea does not know or care about why she should be excited about these mysterious little men and their tiny houses.

Alex, Raina and Jessica don’t do such a great job, while Angelea and Krista have simple and effective poses. Krista takes the prize, which is $3,000 worth of merchandise from World Designs. Since she had the best photo last week, she gets an additional $1,500 worth of merchandise. Angelea is pissed about this whole situation, a fact of which Krista makes note.

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