americas next top model cycle 16 brittani kline tyra banks cw 'America's Next Top Model' winner Brittani Kline: 'There was no Plan B'

It wasn’t an easy win for newly crowned “America’s Next Top Model” winner, Brittani Kline
Not only did the show slam the finalists with back-to-back challenges in the final episode, but the 19-year-old from Beech Creek, Pa. took a nasty spill on the finale runway. 
“If you look back on the cycle, bad things just kept on happening,” Brittani tells Zap2it. ” But every time, I’d turn it around and come back from it. I think that’s definitely why I won… You just need to do what you need to do and in the end it will work out.”
She certainly did work it out and after the judges examined Brittani’s body of work over the season, she edged out co-finalist Molly O’Connell for the win.
Before the finale, there was at least one other big setback for Brittani. She was involved in one of the most dramatic scenes of the season when she went off on cast mate Alexandria Everett during a challenge and host Tyra Banks came down hard on her.
“It was a building explosion that I kept trying to hold in to be professional,” she says. “I didn’t want to start drama, because I’m not a confrontational type person. People back home were so shocked that I even did that.”
The model almost quit the show then, but the other girls convinced her to stay and ultimately the judges kept her around. Yet despite the drama, Brittani says she doesn’t regret doing it. “Wrong place, wrong time, but things happen,” she says of the blow up.

americas next top model cycle 16 winner brittani kline cw 'America's Next Top Model' winner Brittani Kline: 'There was no Plan B'

Brittani, who didn’t seem to mind the title of “the trailer park girl,” doesn’t believe there were any other options for her, but winning the competition. She comes from a lower-income family and she feels she wouldn’t have had the resources to chase a modeling career if she lost.
“There was no Plan B,” she says. “It was either I do this or go home and start all over. And honestly, if I didn’t win ‘Top Model,’ I probably would have just gone back to college. There was no way I could ever have done this without Cover Girl, without IMG, without the whole ‘Top Model’ and CW team. So, I’m extremely grateful to everyone who has given me this opportunity. It means so much to me.”
The new “Top Model” tells us that it not only means a lot to her, but her whole community is very proud of her.
“Where I’m from nobody does anything,” she says. “I don’t think people understand how small my town is, but it’s like 200 people. So, a lot of people don’t have much to look up to. Everyone keeps calling me and teachers keep calling me and telling me that the kids are talking about me, and how so many people are looking up to me… And that’s probably the best thing I could have ever done, kind of be an inspiration for other people.”
So, what’s next for the winner? Immediately, she wants to walk in as many Fashion Weeks as she can. And in June, she flies off to Paris for her Vogue Italia shoot. But, Brittani is already looking even further into the future.
“In five years, I’d like to be a Victoria’s Secret model,” she tells us. “It’s going to happen. I’m not stopping.”
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