alexandria everett antm 17 'America's Next Top Model's' Alexandria Everett: 'Promised it was going to be different'Alexandria Everett is the latest contestant sent home from “America’s Next Top Model” All Star edition. She tells Zap2it what she’s been working on since she did back-to-back cycles and that she was was a little upset Cycle 17 was basically just like the one she’d just been on.

Are you glad you went back for another cycle of “Top Model”?

“Yeah, you know, I would definitely regret if I said I wasn’t. I did it for my fans and I did it for myself, so I’m really happy with that decision. I feel like you can always learn from every decision that you make. I learned a lot, just like Cycle 16. I will use everything I learned to my advantage now in the real world.”

Were you surprised to get the call for All Stars? You couldn’t have been off of Cycle 16 for very long when it came.

“Right after I got eliminated I left for Cycle 17. I didn’t even have a chance to do any work between filming the two seasons, so I just had to basically go off with what I had done previous to Cycle 16. I’m glad I did both because I learned a lot. I can use it to my advantage and that’s all I can be happy for.”

What have you been doing since you were eliminated from Cycle 17?

“As you know, I’m having a new look. I basically have to rebuild my book, so I’m currently meeting with all my photographers that I was working with prior to Cycle 16 and 17. Basically building my book again. It’s a lot of fun because it’s a new look. I have a lot of different looks I can achieve with my hair now. I can use it to my advantage. I’m also doing acting lessons. Taking that whole side to an advantage.

I have another movie I’m featured in called ‘Project X,’ it comes out in March. I did a Zac Brown music video. I had a feature in ‘The Green Hornet’ and just little things here and there. I did L.A. Fashion Weekend at Sunset Gower Studios with Mikey Koffman. I opened eight of her shows. That was a really big thing because that was like my first big show I did after being back from both [cycles].”

Some of the other girls have expressed dissatisfaction with what they were pitched for Cycle 17. Do you feel the same way?

“I feel like we were promised it was going to be different, but once we got into it it was kind of the same. It was kind of along the same lines as every single cycle. Am I really, really upset? No, because it’s already set and done, it’s nothing to get worked up over. At the time, was it upsetting to realize? Yes, it was kind of exactly what I just did, but with music and with acting and little things here and there, but at the same time, it was mostly another cycle. But we signed up for it, it’s OK. It happens.”

Who were you rooting for once you got eliminated?

“I hoped everyone would win for different reasons. I, of course, have no idea, but like Lisa, with everything that she’s been through and stuff, it would just be awesome for her music and her branding and everything like that. Allison, Angelea, Dominique because she’s just a baby. Everybody has their reasons. I’m rooting for everybody because everybody deserves some positive energy floating their way. I couldn’t hope any negativeness for anybody cause that’s not fair.”

Any messages to your fans?

“I have to say thank you for giving me the opportunity because without them I wouldn’t even be able to have a shot. I definitely have to thank all of them. I love their support and their enthusiasm towards me. I’m just as enthusiastic back at them.”

“America’s Next Top Model” airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on the CW.

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