Annmarkley_290 During Cycle 3 of "America's Next Top Model," Ann Markley was in the Bottom Two five times. The only time she heard her name called first during judging for having the best performance was the week the girls filmed a Campbell's soup commercial … in Japanese.

Meet the "ANTM" Cycle 13 contestants.

Ultimately cut for having "dead eyes," not getting art director Jay Manuel's pop culture points of reference and all around not being photogenic, former NCAA water polo player Ann has gone on to secure more commercial work, proving that not being a high-fashion editorial model isn't the end of the world.

Ann has done a Travelocity commercial and made out with Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) on "Gossip Girl." Now, she's the new face of Wheat Thins. We'd call her the new spokesperson, but like her Travelocity ad, she doesn't have any lines:

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Posted by:Brill Bundy