annaliese dayes antm 18 'America's Next Top Model's' Annaliese Dayes: 'Sophie all the way'Annaliese Dayes is the most recent contestant eliminated from “America’s Next Top Model,” but she went out with a spring in her step. She tells Zap2it in her exit interview that she’s just proud she made it as far as she did.

Are you happy with your “America’s Next Top Model” experience?

“I am so glad I did ‘America’s Next Top Model.’ I could never have imagined I’d have the opportunity to do it. It was an absolute pleasure.”

It was really refreshing to see someone get eliminated and be so happy – you were practically dancing out of the studio.

“I’m really glad I got to leave on a high. It’s really depressing when you see somebody leaving and it’s like they’re so unhappy about it. I understand that people want to get further than they did, whereas I was just satisfied with how far I made it. Totally and utterly satisfied. Relieved as well – because I didn’t have to be judged every week. Modeling is hard enough as it is without having to stand up in front of a panel every week and be told how awful you are [laughs].”

So what’s next for you? What have you been up to since the show wrapped?

“I’ve just been continuing with my life, hosting live events. I’ve got my own radio show back in the U.K., doing presenter things. I’m just going to do more of what I’m doing, hopefully. I really want to host a TV show, so let’s see if that happens.”

Out of Sophie and Laura, who do you think has an edge to win?

“I think they’re both amazing, they’ve been great throughout the whole competition. I found it really hard to work out who I wanted to win, but I’d have to say loyal with the British side and say Sophie. Sophie all the way.”

Do you think Sophie has an edge because she’s so good at runway?

“I think she’s better at runway and I also think her personality is more suited for ‘America’s Next Top Model’. I think she can justify the brands and just do it proud.”

The finale of “America’s Next Top Model” airs Wednesday, May 23 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on the CW.

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