bianca golden antm 17 'America's Next Top Model's' Bianca Golden: Cycle 17 wants 'to bring you back down'Bianca Golden is the most recent “America’s Next Top Model” eliminated contestant. In her exit Q&A, she tells Zap2it that she doesn’t regret her decision to refuse to sit in the bathtub at the perfume challenge.

Are you glad you came back to “Top Model,” was it everything you were expecting?

“It was everything that I came back for and more.”

Some of the other girls have complained about what was pitched to them versus what the season turned out to be. Do you have the same complaints?

“I’m sure you don’t want to hear mine. We were told it would be branding and then instead it was ‘ANTM’ Cycle 17.”

What were you expecting when you thought there would be more branding involved?

“More stuff like the perfurme challenge, more things that. Things you can actually associate to a brand, not so much like modeling challenges.”

Do you think your refusal to get in the bathtub was the only reason you were eliminated? Do you regret it at all?

“Yeah, that was the only complaint they had. They just said that I didn’t follow the rules. I don’t regret it at all, I stand by that decision.”

Did you think you were kind of above that sort of thing?

“It had nothing to do with being above it. It was more so, you know, coming off a reality show and being taken seriously – it’s hard – and then when you go back on a reality show and someone wants to bring you back down by having you jump on a carousel and jump off a carousel and sit in a bathtub. It had nothing to do with being above it, but you work hard to be taken seriously, you want to be taken seriously.”

How is your relationship with Bre? Did you ever find out why she didn’t tell you she was going to be on this season?

“She just wanted to surprise me. We’re still super super close, we were just talking a few moments ago. We’re great.”

When we spoke with her last week, she said she was rooting for Lisa and Angelea to win it all. We were surprised she didn’t say you.

“Maybe she knew something you guys didn’t know.”

“America’s Next Top Model” airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on the CW.

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