isis king antm cycle 17 'America's Next Top Model's' Isis King: All stars was 'really disappointing'“America’s Next Top Model” sent home contestant Isis King Wednesday night (Sept. 28). She tells Zap2it that she and many of the other girls were disappointed in the all-star cycle.

Are you glad you did “America’s Next Top Model” again?

“I’ll say that I don’t regret any decisions I make in life, but I will say that most of the girls feel like we were like we were pitched that it would be more focusing on branding and your individual interests and talents, so it would be more geared towards what you’re trying to accomplish, whether it is music or acting.

We thought that we were coming in and the whole format would be different and we came in and it was just another cycle of ‘Top Model’ and in a way, I felt like your accomplishments over the years were kind of shifted away and it was put back in the same format as before – a young girl who hasn’t accomplished anything. And that’s not how it was promoted to us at all.

We knew that it was still a competition and we would be modeling, but we were told it was focused more on branding and your individual area of expertise since a lot of us have branched off into different fields. Really disappointing, especially because before any kind of acting or hosting came about, I was already gone.”

What have you been doing since you were off the show?

“I speak all the time. I’m going to host a fashion show and also do a little speaking at the University of Reno next month. I’m excited to go there, I’ve never spoken at a school in Nevada. I am leaving at the end of this year to go film my first film abroad which is titled ‘Forever.’ It’s my first full-length film. I’ve been working hard and just trying to make it happen for myself. I’ve been trying my hardest to make all of my dreams continue to come true.”

Was there anybody on all-stars you were surprised to see? Or surprised to not see?

“I went there with an open mind. I just went there trying to stay focused once again. I was happy to see some of the girls who I knew, like Bianca and Bre. I ended up leaving the show with a whole handful of good friends, I’m good friends with most every girl who was there.

Any messages to your fans?

“I would definitely say continue to follow my career, thank you for all the support and follow me on Twitter for more updates – @msisisking. I’m always updating what’s going on in my life at that moment.”

“America’s Next Top Model” airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on the CW.

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