americas next top model antm kacey main 'America's Next Top Model's' Kacey, who lost the bounce in her step

Kacey’s dismissal from “America’s Next Top Model” should put a couple conspiracy theories to rest. 
We get a lot of comments about the show and Tyra Banks’ supposed preference for African-American contestants. We also get accusations that reality competition shows in general don’t eliminate contestants who create drama or what some call “good TV.” Well Kacey was not only both those things, but she also won the first challenge last week. So, does that make the conspiracy theorists rethink their positions? We’ll say no.
Regardless, Kacey had a lot to deal with during the competition. All the other contestants disliked her and we’re sure that can take a toll on you. Though, she says she tried to let it roll off her back.
“Of course, I’m not invincible, but no it didn’t bother me,” Kacey tells Zap2it. “I wanted it so bad. I would have rather went through hell with the girls and still win.”
Watching the show, do you understand now why the girls disliked you?
No. At the end of the day, they didn’t get a true chance to see how Kacey was on the flip side. Every time there was an encounter with me, it was an argument or it was something negative. So I feel that there was never a fair chance or opportunity for me to show a side that my friends and family know.
You had just come off of winning the first challenge. How did you feel going into photo shoot? Were you confident?
Definitely, I was confident. I definitely always try to be. And even if I’m not, I fake it until I am. I was trying to take so much direction that I forgot to use what works best for Kacey as a model. There was just so much going on and I tried to apply everything all at once and it just did not work. And that is why I lost my spot that day. 
It seemed like the biggest criticism the judges had for you was that they felt like your eyes were dead. Did you see that when you were watching?
Actually, yeah. Some photos were a little bit dead. But at the same time, I don’t feel like every single frame was dead. So I just felt like there had to have been better frames than the ones that were chosen. But it is what it is.

americas next top model antm kacey 'America's Next Top Model's' Kacey, who lost the bounce in her step

Early in the season, you were flirting with a male model that came from Palmdale, Calif. like you and everyone was saying you had a boyfriend at home. Did you get in trouble for that?
Yeah I got in trouble. He didn’t appreciate that. He more so didn’t appreciate it, because the whole world is seeing. I just reassured him it was nothing. It was strictly he thought I was cute, he was very attractive and really that was it. We did have a lot of chemistry. We had the same friends and we really did know each other so it was more of reconnecting and rekindling our yesteryears, I guess you could say. I don’t know why everyone was acting like that was such a big deal.
Who are your top three to win the competition?
Looking at the reviews based on who America is really feeling right now… Everyone is super-feeling Anne. They say Anne is amazing. Kayla is an interesting model. And I personally am going to put Jane up there, because when I first saw her she has everything. And she doesn’t know it, but once she figures it out she’s going to be the bomb. She is a beautiful model.
You beat Anne in the Cover Girl challenge, which tested personality and your ability to deal with others. Do you think Anne will get those skills by the time go-sees and the commercial challenge comes around?
That’s a good question and I actually don’t think she is going to perfect that skill in the short period of time that she has. That is something that you definitely work on. So, as far as Anne having the complete package with that, it will probably either be her downfall or be something that she’s going to struggle with for sure.

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