shannon ratliff antm 'America's Next Top Model's' Shannon Ratliff: 'I was tired of being bullied in the judging room'Shannon Ratliff is the most recent model eliminated from “America’s Next Top Model.” She talks to Zap2it about her experience on the show.

Are you glad you came back to “America’s Next Top Model”?

“Wow, that’s a tough question. It was pitched to me like it would be about branding and whatever in particular you want to do – if you want to do acting, you can focus on acting. If you want to sing, you can do that. And then it turned out to be the exact same thing as every other cycle.”

Do you regret your decision not to do the photoshoot in Greece?

“No way, absolutely not … At the end of the day, I knew they wanted a girl that would do anything. I have standards. I can’t be controlled by people. There’s something things I won’t do and that’s it. I don’t try to force my beliefs on other people and I respect taht people won’t try to foce things on me too. I was actually kind of relieved that I got voted off because I was tired of being bullied in the judging room.

Every week, Nigel wanted me to be more naughty, more raunchy … that’s not me. Was he trying to get me to be like that and then expose me and say, ‘Oh, you know what, you’re not good for your brand, your brand’s nothing, see ya!’

And then in the perfume challenge, he’s putting both of his hands on my hips and trying to push me in the bathtub. Things like that. I’m not a quitter, but I was like, ‘I’m relieved now. I don’t have to put up wtth this stuff any longer.'”

We admire you for sticking by your guns, but don’t you think there is a point to be made about bathing suits covering as little as, or less, than underwear?

“The bathing suits I wear don’t look like my underwear. I don’t wear thong bathing suits, I don’t wear g-string bathing suits. On Season 1, when they showed that bathing suit picture, my bathing suit had been edited. It was made smaller. My bathing suit was covering more than you saw in the picture …

You have girls all around the world dying to be on this show because they think it’s gonna make ’em. But they don’t see the behind the scenes. I’m finally gonna say the truth because I want them to know that those dreams is not really what they think it is. It’s about creating drama, it’s about creating a TV show, it’s not about creating a true model. The things we’re asked to do I’m not asked in my real modeling life.”

What have you been doing since the show?
“I’m still modeling. My husband and I are currently in California, we’re in Los Angeles. I’m going to auditions, I’m doing commercials and all that stuff. I’m working on two books … one’s going to be about my life and what I had to go through and I still made it in modeling. I also speak and I also would like to get more into hosting. I think hosting’s kinda fun.”

“America’s Next Top Model” airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on the CW.

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