amy chua gi Amy Chua's 'Tiger Mother' to spawn a movie?“Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”Amy Chua’s controversial book about strict Chinese parenting practices that launched a massive heated debate on the Web after she wrote about it in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece — may be headed to the big screen.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, two producers of 1989’s “The Joy Luck Club” are eyeing the book for a possible film adaptation. Ron Bass, who co-wrote the “Joy Luck Club” screenplay with author Amy Tan, says a movie likely wouldn’t be a retelling of Chua’s life, but something fictionalized and, he adds, it definitely “wouldn’t be a comedy.”

The book recounts the harsh standards Chinese parents impose on kids (according to Chua), including requiring them to learn either the piano or violin, a ban on sleepovers and playdates and academic excellence.  

While the Journal article is one of the site’s most-commented-on items ever posted, Chua later hinted that editors didn’t run the piece by her before publishing it and that it wasn’t representative of her book as a whole.

“I was very surprised,” she told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. “The Journal basically strung together the most controversial sections of the book. And I had no idea they’d put that kind of a title on it. But the worst thing was, they didn’t even hint that the book is about a journey, and that the person at beginning of the book is different from the person at the end — that I get my comeuppance and retreat from this very strict Chinese parenting model.”

Here’s hoping a movie would complete the story arc.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson