Jimmy Fallon and his boys hit the “Jersey Floor” again on “Late Night” Thursday (May 5) — but they had to evade some stalkers in the club.

Said stalkers look an awful lot like GTL-ed versions of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, who joined the action on the Floor and tried a little too hard to smush with J-Bro (Fallon) and DJ Josh (Josh Meyers). But before they arrive, J-Bro declares a prank war, Abby “Lovebug” (Abby Elliott, doing an excellent job of channeling “Jersey Shore’s” Sammi) cries a lot and threatens to leave and Bashir (“Late Night” writer Bashir Salahuddin) just wonders why they can’t go to a museum once in a while.

(Side note: The guy in the suit with Fey and Poehler is new NBC Universal CEO Steve Burke, who apparently is a pretty good sport.)

The episode ends on a cliffhanger, with band leader Questlove finally deciding to push the elevator button and check out the Jersey Floor for himself. We really hope that when “Late Night” does the next installment of “Jersey Floor,” we get to see Questo’s hair gelled to the sky.

Posted by:Rick Porter