David Letterman planted a kiss on Amy Poehler in a moment rivaling the awkwardness of his legendary flash by Drew Barrymore.

Poehler was in the hot seat on Letterman’s “Late Show” when she described being rebuffed by Joe Biden. The vice president was making a guest appearance on “Parks and Recreation,” as the top fantasy man of Amy’s character Leslie Knope.

“We did a couple of takes, and at the very end, just for the heck of it, I just went in for a kiss,” says Poehler. “You learn a lot about yourself, and the other person, when you go in for a kiss.”

Moments later, as Letterman leans in to watch a clip with Poehler, she exclaims, “Oh, I thought you were gonna go in for a kiss.” He then grabs her arm and lays one on her. After lots of giggling and an exchange of “thank-yous,” Letterman says, “Tell that to your little buddies back there at NBC.”

Posted by:mchance