dr drew amy winehouse Amy Winehouse called Dr. Drew several times prior to deathCould Dr. Drew have helped Amy Winehouse?

The “Celebrity Rehab” doctor reveals to Los Angeles radio station, KROQ, that the troubled singer has made several attempts to reach out to him prior to her death. Unfortunately, her calls her never received due to his busy schedule.

“I found out also yesterday that, believe it or not, she was trying to contact me which was weird. Janice Dickenson told me that.” He tells KROQ hosts Kevin & Bean, “I remember getting calls from Europe and thinking ‘What the hell is this?'”

Even though Dr. Drew never had a chance to respond to Winehouse’s cries for help, he doesn’t believe that she died of alcohol withdrawals like her parents have stated.

“It’s not what she died of, I can virtually guarantee you but it’s an interesting reminder to all of us that alcohol is the only drug from which the withdrawal is commonly fatal,” he explains. “You go down in a ball of fire. You get really really sick and you cease and you become encephalopathic and confused and your heart becomes erratic and it’s not like you just drop dead like her parents are suggesting.”

The results of Winehouse’s autopsy remain inconclusive. Do you think “Celebrity Rehab” could’ve helped prevent her death?
Posted by:Jen Blushi