hbz amy winehouse Amy Winehouse mourned a year after her deathOn July 23, 2011 British songstress Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London apartment. At just 27, Winehouse had achieved fame but also struggled with addiction to both alcohol and drugs. A coroner later ruled that Winehouse had died from accidental alcohol poisoning when she resumed drinking after weeks of abstinence.

On Monday — a year after her death — fans remembered Winehouse on Twitter, where they shared an outpouring of tribute posts that made the singer’s name a trending topic.

“Amy Winehouse been a year already…time flies. Your legacy lives on <3,” writes one.

“RIP Amy Winehouse.You’re still in our hearts, never let you fall apart,” adds another fan.

The bluesy singer was also remembered by her father, Mitch Winehouse who writes at The Huffington Post that he misses his daugher “more than I can say.”

“Sometimes listening to Amy’s music helps me; sometimes it makes me feel more sad,” he writes. “I miss Amy more than I can say. When I’ve finished writing this I’m going to sit down with a cup of tea and listen to Amy’s recording of ‘The Nearness of You.'”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson