mitch janis winehouse getty Amy Winehouse's family set as first guests for Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show

Anderson Cooper‘s foray into daytime, “Anderson,” makes its syndicated debut Monday, Sept. 12. And his first episode doesn’t seem poised to tackle particularly light subjects.

THR reports that Amy Winehouse’s parents, Mitch and Janis, and boyfriend, Reg Traviss, will appear as Cooper’s first guests. The host says they’ll be on hand to talk about her July death and the career she made during her 27 years.

“I’ve followed her career for a long time,” Cooper tells THR. “Her music
is extraordinary. And she’s such a remarkable talent. What’s remarkable
about this family is they’ve been so public before her death about
trying to get her help.”

The interview, the family’s first together since Winehouse’s passing, will tape Friday (Sept. 9) at the series’ New York studio.

“We want it to be a look at what happened to her,” says Cooper, “and the struggles that she was facing and the struggles that the family was facing in trying to get [her] help and her incredible talent and career.”

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell