enders game tv spinoff lionsgate An 'Ender's Game' TV spinoff? Movie future is uncertain

“Ender’s Game” could turn into a TV series, thanks to a non-spectacular opening in theaters. Reports indicate that a television spinoff is one of the ideas under consideration for the multi-novel Ender series written by Orson Scott Card.

Variety reports that production studio Lionsgate is considering several options for the book adaptation following the film’s $32.5 million domestic opening (with an additional $9 million earned overseas). The numbers apparently match the studio’s original projections for the film, making it a success but not a hit.

Lionsgate’s CEO Jon Feltheimer said that the studio would have to wait for another couple of weeks before the fate of the franchise could be decided. More films based on the series — which currently consists of 13 novels as well as numerous short stories and comic adaptations — are still a possibility. Feltheimer also said, however, that the TV spinoff route is another option.

Considering that much of Lionsgate’s profits have been tied to young-adult franchises in recent years, this is a serious question for the studio. The successes of the “Twilight” and “Hunger Games” films, along with the anticipated success of the upcoming “Divergent” series, are central to Lionsgate. At this point, “Ender’s Game” may or may not stay in the same model.

TV spinoffs of blockbusters and other properties seem to be popular these days. “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” hit television this fall as a direct spinoff of “The Avengers” and other Marvel films.

Posted by:Laurel Brown