governors wife edwin edwards trina a e cbsnews An old convict and his young wife: A&E picks up 'The Governor's Wife' to series

“The Governor’s Wife,” a new reality series just picked up by A&E, has everything a person could want in crazy, “real-life” television. What are its merits? Here are five.

1. The central couple on the show are an 85-year-old man and a 34-year-old woman.

2. Edwin Edwards, a former three-time governor of Louisiana and convicted felon, is the husband of Trina, his former prison pen pal.

3. Edwards went to prison for bribery and extortion (crimes committed while in office), so we don’t have to hate him like we would if he had been a violent criminal. He served his 8 1/2 year sentence and the couple married upon his release.

4. Both Edwin and Trina have families from earlier relationships. Those families do not all approve of the marriage.

5. Edwin Edwards has daughters from his first marriage who are almost twice the age of their new stepmother. One of them used to be a showgirl.

Does this sound like something you would watch? A&E certainly thinks that audiences will love this bizarre, high-profile, Southern family. The series debuts on February 27 and will run for 12 episodes in its first season. Leftfield Productions (the company behind “Pawn Stars”) and SSS Entertainment will produce.

Posted by:Laurel Brown