khloe kardashian sisters boobs gi An open letter to Khloe Kardashian about her sisters' breastsDear Khloe Kardashian,

Would you please stop talking about your sisters’ boobs? Because it’s kind of creeping us out.
We get it that you feel the need to defend your big sis Kim Kardashian and help her give a big fat figurative “middle finger” to the world. Because your family sure likes flipping the bird to people for being interested in every detail of your lives — which is kind of ironic considering how y’all your make your living, but anyway …
That part where you bragged to an Australian radio show about how Kim’s “body is banging” in Kanye West‘s new music video, you know — “on that motorcycle, her ta-ta’s shaking?” Just … no. OK? Just no. 
We like you, Khloe. We really do. You’re definitely in our top three favorite Kardashians of all time. Which is why it’s so disappointing when you say something really gross out loud (on Twitter) about your barely legal sister, Kendall Jenner, and her newly exposed-to-the-world nipples. When you really think about it, “Sit down and enjoy the view” seems like such an inappropriate thing to tell the world about your teen sister’s breasts, doesn’t it?
Now, comparing Kendall to iconic supermodels like Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford is all well and good — though totally, completely and undeniably unsound — but encouraging a globe full of strangers to gawk at her naked body parts? Well, it feels a little skeevy, girl. Could you dial it back a notch or 10, please?
In closing, we are asking really nicely: Please stop bragging about your sisters’ sexy boobs in public because we don’t want to have to talk about this again.
We love you long time, Khloe! KIT! LYLAS!
Posted by:mchance