orphan black delphine cosima season 2 An 'Orphan Black' primer: Everything that happened in Season 1, episodes 6 10Been a while since you watched the excellence of “Orphan Black” Season 1? Here’s a quick primer of the key players, philosophies and plot points from the BBC America series before the Season 2 premiere on Saturday (April 19).

Revisit The Clones, The Other Key Players and The Philosophies first, then take a look back at the most important moments from the first five episodes before you revisit the most important moments from the second half of the season below.

Episode 6: ‘Variations Under Domestication’

Alison finds via her hidden camera that Donnie disappeared at night, and traps him in a room in their basement to question him — but forgets that they’re supposed to host the monthly neighborhood potluck.

Sarah and Felix arrive to help, with Sarah interrogating Donnie in Alison’s place and Felix bartending instead of Donnie. But Alison gets too drunk, and Sarah has to be in both places at once.

After questioning Donnie, Sarah decides he’s not Alison’s monitor and that perhaps Alison’s neighbor Aynsley is. (The audience knows, however, that Donnie’s the real monitor because they saw him burning documents that would identify him.)

Meanwhile, Paul tells Sarah that he’s been monitoring Beth for two years, sending the results to a man named Olivier. Cosima goes with Delphine to a lecture from a famous pop scientist named Dr. Leekie on Neolution, which is essentially the practice of self-guided evolution.

Episode 7: ‘Parts Developed in an Unusual Manner’

Helena has been nursed back to health by a man named Tomas. He was working with Maggie Chen to track the clones down, which is why Beth shot her. Helena tells Tomas that she and Sarah seemed to share a connection, and that’s why she didn’t kill her. Sarah and Helena meet up over some Jell-o at a diner, where Helena tells Sarah a little about her upbringing — she’s from Ukraine, where she was raised by nuns.

While Cosima gets ready for a date with Delphine — something Sarah warned her against — Sarah tells her that Helena wants the names of the rest of the clones or she’ll go after Sarah. Cosima tells Sarah that she is going to meet Dr. Leekie, a pioneer of Neolution, and Sarah realizes that Olivier, Paul’s boss, owns a club called Neolution. Cosima and Delphine chat with Dr. Leekie, and he offers them jobs at the Dyad Institute.

Olivier gets a call from Dr. Leekie — oh, so that’s his boss — telling him that Beth is someone else, and he needs to bring the other woman in. Olivier confronts Paul, and tells him that Beth is an impostor. Paul, already knowing that, tries to milk Olivier for more information. Olivier tells him that Beth is dead, then shows him pictures that make it clear Paul has only been monitoring Beth because he’s being blackmailed over something that happened in Afghanistan.

Later, Sarah, Kira and Felix hang out while Mrs. S. tells stories of the past. She reveals that a man asked her to hide Sarah as well as she could, and that’s why they all moved to Canada (or, rather, the unnamed North American city that is totally Toronto).

Sarah and Felix realize Paul is gone, and go to the Neolution club to rescue him. We find out Olivier has a tail(!) just as Helena arrives and chops it off.

The cops are confused that the DNA of the dead woman and the killer are the same, and Art and his new partner struggle with the evidence until they find Sarah’s fingerprints. Uh oh!

Episode 8: ‘Entangled Bank’

Art and his partner question Mrs. S. and “Beth” about Sarah, prompting Sarah to tell Mrs. S. the truth. Mrs. S. tells Sarah that she took in orphans that were “in the black,” a.k.a. off the books, hence the name of our lovely show.

Helena shows up at the house and lures Kira outside, where Kira is hit by a car. It’s not actually Helena’s fault, but she wouldn’t have been outside otherwise.

Alison and Donnie are still having marriage trouble after the afternoon of interrogation, so they decide to divorce. Alison still thinks Aynsley is her monitor, so she sleeps with Aynsley’s husband — and Aynsley finds out, starting an epic fistfight.

Dr. Leekie arrives at Olivier’s bedside to find out what the heck happened at the club, and can tell Olivier is lying when he says that only one clone was there, so he has Olivier killed.

Turns out Delphine is Cosima’s monitor, and sleeps with her to find out the names of all the clones. But what will she do with the information?

Episode 9: ‘Unconscious Selection’

Despite being hit by a car, Kira has no internal bleeding or head injuries — does that mean the daughter of a clone has different DNA than others?

It turns out that the clones’ DNA isn’t completely identical — there’s a synthetic sequence that can identify each one. Sarah and Paul find out that Dr. Leekie isn’t in charge of everything, either — he too has a single role to play.

The Clone Club decides that getting rid of Helena is necessary, but Sarah can’t kill her when she finds out Tomas had locked her up in a cage to try to reinforce the religious Prolethean beliefs on which she was raised. Instead, Sarah brings Helena to Mrs. S.’s house.

They go inside to find a woman named Amelia, who is their birth mother. A wealthy couple paid her to be their surrogate, but when she realized something was wrong with them, she ran away. She sent one of the twins she was carrying to the church and one to the state — Helena and Sarah are twins.

Alison continues on her downward spiral, freaking out when Aynsley tries to stage an intervention.

Delphine confesses that she’s been monitoring Cosima, and that she gave Dr. Leekie information on all the clones — but she didn’t tell him about Kira. She says her feelings for Cosima are real.

The cops want to bring in Beth for questioning, but Sarah blows them off — and then Art watches the tape of Beth’s suicide and realizes that Sarah has been posing as her all along.

Episode 10: ‘Endless Forms Most Beautiful’

Newfound family doesn’t mean much to Helena, as she shoots Amelia just as Amelia tries to give Sarah some important information — a photo seemingly showing a young Mrs. S., a scientist, with the name “Project LEDA” on the back. Sarah retaliates by shooting Helena in the chest. RIP, crazy clone!

Aynsley tells Alison that she’s moving, and when Alison goes inside to talk to her, Aynsley’s scarf gets caught in the garbage disposal. Thinking it could end her troubles, Alison doesn’t intervene and Aynsley suffocates to death.

Dr. Leekie offers the Clone Club things they’d want in exchange for signing some papers and submitting to regular testing. Alison would get her normal life back, Cosima would get the clones’ complete genome sequence, and Kira would be completely protected from the clone conspiracy.

But it turns out the offer is bull, since Delphine discovers another secret in the clones’ DNA — a patent claiming that they belong to the Dyad (or whoever is actually in charge). Aliso
n has already signed and Sarah’s on her way, but she finds out about the patent and tells the boss to shove it.

That boss, by the way? ANOTHER clone, a posh British woman named Rachel Duncan, who knows about Kira.

Art tracks down Vic and later Alison, and is more confused than ever. Donnie meets with Dr. Leekie, confirming that he was the monitor all along. And we end the season with Mrs. S. and Kira gone.

Season 2 of “Orphan Black” premieres at 9 p.m. ET/PT Saturday on BBC America.

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