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UnusualsHaroldPerrineau A little over a week ago, I had a chat with Harold Perrineau Jr., who plays NYPD Detective Leo Banks on the Tuesday-night ABC series "The Unusuals," which airs its third episode this week (we did the interview between the airings of episode one and two).

Since I'm posting the full audio of the interview, rather than quotes surrounded by information, I recommend clicking on the links above and learning a bit about Perrineau before listening, so you'll understand everything we're talking about.

But if you're just too busy, here's a quick rundown:

On the HBO prison drama "Oz," which shot in Manhattan and, in later seasons, in New Jersey, Perrineau played wheelchair-bound inmate Augustus Hill. One of his co-stars in "Oz" was Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, who played an inmate named Simon Adebisi.

Later on, Perrneau joined the cast of ABC's castway drama "Lost," playing Michael Dawson, who continually misplaced his son Walt (Malcolm David Kelley), causing him to call out the boy's name again and again and again.

One of Perrineau's co-stars on "Lost" was Adewale, who played the enigmatic Mr. Eko.

Another of Perrineau's "Oz" co-stars was Dean Winters, who played inmate Ryan O'Reily. The New York-based actor subsequently guested on a number of shows, including recent roles on FX's "Rescue Me," ABC's "Life on Mars" and Fox's "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles," which all UnusualsTerryKinney ended in death.
Thus far, Winters has not appeared on "Lost" or "The Unusuals." Give him time.

Another of Perrineau's "Oz" co-stars was Terry Kinney (right), who played idealistic prison-unit manager  Tim McManus. To date, he has not been on "Lost," but he does play Sergeant Harvey Brown on "The Unusuals."

Lance Reddick, who also was on "Oz," had a role as Matthew Abbadon on "Lost." He currently stars on Fox's sci-fi drama "Fringe," as the Homeland Security supervisor of the FBI agent played by Anna Torv.

(BTW, Ken Leung, who was also in "Oz," was also in "Lost," but we didn't talk about that. And FYI, if you missed "Oz," it and HBO's "Deadwood" will be on DirecTV in all their uncensored glory.)

Lastly, on "The Unusuals," Adam Golberg (above left), who, so far as I know, has not appeared in any of the aforementioned shows, plays Detective Eric Delahoy, Banks' troubled yet amusing partner.


Posted by:Kate O'Hare