Chances are you know Ana Gasteyer from her six years on “Saturday Night Live,” or maybe from her Broadway runs in shows ranging from “Wicked” to “The Rocky Horror Show.” She also co-stars in ABC’s new comedy “Suburgatory” this fall.

And, as audiences in Los Angeles can see this weekend, she’s also a nightclub singer. Gasteyer will perform her act “Elegant Songs from a Handsome Woman” Thursday through Saturday (Aug. 11-13) at the Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood. (Go to for details.)

“I have two personalities, which many television people don’t know, I guess,” she told Zap2it Wednesday after making an appearance on the KTLA Morning Show. “I mean, you kind of know I sing from ‘Saturday Night Live,’ because I did a lot of sing-y characters. … I started as a singer, and I dropped out — I kind of flunked out of music school. I switched to the school of theater at Northwestern, because it’s in Chicago. There’s a lot of improv there; it’s the birthplace of improv, and I got kind of pulled down that path and ended up becoming a comedian first and then a singer second.”

Her act, which features a five-piece band, includes a fair amount of comedy as well. “I basically just wanted to imitate a big party and kind of harken back to a late ’50s-early ’60s nightclub act, with sort of a Betty Hutton feel to it,” she says.

Gasteyer is also filming “Suburgatory,” playing a self-described “nosy neighbor” to the show’s two leads, a father and daughter played by Jeremy Sisto and Jane Levy. You can hear her take on the role in the video at the top of the post, and below are two clips from her KTLA appearance on Wednesday, including a snippet from one of her songs.



Posted by:Rick Porter