Anandjonan_j_mc_12898585_600 Anand Jon, the L.A.-based designer, has been found guilty.

According to TMZ, he’s been found guilty of sexually abusing teenage girls and young women. Jurors found him guilty of one count of rape and 15 counts of sexual assault and other charges.

The designer — full name Anand Jon Alexander — was acquitted of four other charges. Jurors deadlocked on three other counts.

Jon will be sentenced Jan. 13. His attorney said his client planned to appeal and would seek a new trial, the L.A. Times reports.

You remember Jon. This is the guy whose friends included Paris Hilton, Paula Abdul and Michelle Rodriguez.

And he’s also the guy whose lawyer told AP that some of the women bringing charges against his client were disgruntled models who failed in the fashion industry and were looking for an opportunity to capitalize on Jon’s troubles.

Yeah, ya gotta watch these darn fashion models. When they’re not too weak from starving themselves, they’ll try to make a name for themselves by crying "rape." 

I’d say that’s about it for this guy’s fashion career.

Photo: Bet Paula Abdul won’t be hugging this fashion designer anymore.

Credit: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead