cooper child Anderson Cooper gets pranked on camera with embarrassing childhood photoBest. Prank. Ever.

Anderson Cooper
jokingly threatened to fire members of his “Anderson Cooper 360” staff on Monday, May 9, after an embarrassing picture of a 9-year-old Cooper appeared on-screen while he was reporting on Justin Bieber’s “CSI” brattiness.

In the photo (and video!) of Cooper on “To Tell The Truth,” the CNN anchor is wearing a furry purple hat and sparkly purple top. After the picture flashed on-screen, Cooper said, “Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. Did we just put a picture of me when I Was like nine years-old on ‘To Tell the Truth’? About Justin Bieber being a brat, are you saying I’m a brat?”

When Isha Sesay tried to continue her report, Cooper interrupted, “I’m being told in the control room it was a technical glitch, I don’t believe that for a second… I’m not hearing anything, I’m just thinking about people I’m gonna fire.”

Cooper went on to explain the picture, saying, “I was pretending to be Wally Norden, the world’s youngest bear trainer.” Finally, he said, “We’ll get back to you in a little bit. We’ll try to get this ‘technical thing’ worked out. And by worked out I mean we’ll place our old people.”

Oh, Silver Fox. Never change and never lose that sense of humor.

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