No one is safe on “Anderson Cooper 360,” not even Anderson Cooper.

During Monday (Nov. 10) night’s “Ridiculist” segment — a portion of the show designated to ridiculous things — the CNN host was prepared to talk about annoying workplace “crimes,” but he had no clue he would be the one on trial. Thanks to his crew, instead of talking about some random person who has a habit of stealing other people’s food from the work fridge, he ends up dissing his own terrible smelling candle.

“One of the most egregious offenses in a shared office space is best illustrated by this video, which I actually haven’t seen before now,” says Cooper as he realizes something off-kilter is about to go down. “Oh, OK — that is actually my office. I did not know that. Alright, I get it — it’s the candle.”

That’s right, Cooper — it’s your candle. It turns out that he has a candle burning in his office that is so vulgar smelling that his executive producer was forced to give him an on-air intervention to let him know that the candle has got to go. According to his coworkers, his basil-scented candle wafts into the newsroom and brings along a list of smells that even Cooper can’t not laugh at: Old mall, a grandma’s house, Italian salad, Woodstock vomit and a garden gnome’s underwear drawer. Yeah, that sounds pretty awful.

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However, as seen in the above video, the host isn’t ready to go down without a fight and defends his “obscenely” expensive and “lovely” smelling candle.

“Listen — first of all, somebody told me that I smelled,” says Cooper. “It was Kirk, my researcher, who told me that I smelled — or my jeans smelled because I don’t wash them — so that’s why I got the candle, people.”

Wait, what do you mean you don’t wash your jeans, Cooper? You might have just signed yourself up for another round of “Ridiculist.”

Posted by:Casey Rackham