scott speedman last resort monday night footbal Andre Braugher and 'Last Resort' crew attack 'Monday Night Football' with hilarious quarterback debateThe crew aboard the ballistic submarine on “Last Resort” surfaced during Monday Night Football to debate just who deserves the title of NFL’s best quarterback.

The hilarious video opens with Andre Braugher and Scott Speedman sparring — in character as the renegade Captain Marcus Chaplin and his XO Sam Kendal, over which Manning is superior.

“He did it twice, sir,” says Sam. “Basically, that’s doing the impossible…two times.”

“Eli? Are you crazy?” retorts Chaplin. “Peyton’s a one-man franchise. Four MVPs and a Super Bowl ring.”

“Three and a half MVPs, sir,” corrects Sam. “He shared 2003 with Steve McNair!”

Chaplin grabs the intercom to solicit the opinions of the rest of the crew, who respond with the decisive, rapid-fire answers you’d expect from Navy sailors with nuclear weapons aboard their sub.

Even defense contractor Kylie (Autumn Reeser) weighs in from Washington, D.C.

Chaplin calls on COB (Robert Patrick) to settle the debate “once for all.”

“Namath,” he says. “He could beat these guys up and down the field all day.”

“Last Resort” airs Thursday at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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