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Expect to see a lot more of Andre Leon Talley on the big O day. Laura Ziskin, 79th Academy Awards producer, announced at the
Celebration of Oscar Fashion show this morning that  the Vogue editor-at-large  will be the voice of fashion for “Road to the
Oscars,” the Oscar red carpet arrivals segment. Ziskin said Talley would be one of four commentators tapped to co-host
the pre-show. Natch, Talley’s comments will focus on red carpet
fashions and will likely make actresses quiver with anticipation over
his reviews. But fear not. For he will probably be gushingly reverent, not irreverent, intrusive, insulting or overtly
obscene, the way Isaac Mizrahi was for his E! network fashion coverage. Touching actresses breasts. Dear Lord, what was he thinking?

“You can bet that you will be hearing something other than "Who are you
wearing?," Ziskin promised. Indeed. Talley is such an international
fashion universe insider, he will know
a gown’s designer from 10 paces. He was responsible for historic
Oscar gowns such as Nicole Kidman’s absinthe green John Galliano gown and he just decked out Jennifer Hudson for her Golden Globes night. In addition to being Vogue’s editor-at-large, Talley pens the rag mag’s
“Life with AndrĂ©” column — a witty and completely self-obsessed (but in
a good Dominick Dunne kinda way) account of his exploits in the fashion
world which began at Vogue in 1983 as fashion news director, then
creative director from ’88 to ’95. "Road to the Oscars” will air on Feb. 25 on ABC,
right before the live Oscar telecast. Definitely Tivo-worthy.

Photo Credits: Andre, Laurie and several of today’s Oscar fashion show models, including one — just to the right of Andre’s grin — wearing Cher’s Bob Mackie Oscar gown. For anyone dying to see the back of this gown worn to pick up her "Moonstruck" Oscar, keep reading
Courtesy of AMPAS

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Photo Credits: A model shows why we loved Cher in this see-through Bob Mackie so long ago. Strangely, it doesn’t seem quite as risque now as it did back in ’88. What a difference almost 20 years makes.
Larry Ho/Los Angeles Times

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