andrew garfield spider man urinating Andrew Garfield: The Spider Man suit is hard to pee in, he cracks on 'The Daily Show'Andrew Garfield stopped by “The Daily Show” Wednesday (June 27), where he talks about the new “Amazing Spider-Man” movie, in which he plays the latest incarnation of Peter Parker. But he says he’s just as big a fan of the comics as everybody else.

“I went to Comic-Con last year and I was terrified. I wanted to make sure that they knew that I was just one of them. So I appeared in the audience as a fan in a crappy costume and tried to make them know that I was just kind of as fanatical,” says Garfield. “And I’m going to be the one in the theater shouting, ‘Why did they cast that British scumbag as my favorite superhero?!'”

Because it’s “The Daily Show,” host Jon Stewart naturally has some pretty funny fodder for the interview, including the above photo of Garfield (that’s actually him) when he shot various candids of himself trying to do every day things while in the Spidey costume.

“This was a picture journal that I took throughout with a still photographer. We had a Day in the Life of Spider-Man. I was so frustrated certain days in that suit that I needed to do something stupid, so we just went around the Sony lot. I think there’s one of me taking a s***,” cracks Garfield. “I mean, who wants to hear an actor complain about being Spider-Man? No one, right? But it sucks. Spandex isn’t fun, spandex is not fun.”

Garfield also says that Spider-Man was a hero of his growing up and he knows what kind of a hero he is for millions of kids out there.

“He was, he was [a hero]. I hate to admit it because it adds the pressure, because I know how much it means to millions of skinny kids like me … it creates a healthy pressure, that knowledge of what that means,” says Garfield.

“The Amazing Spider-Man” swings in to theaters on July 3.

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