andrew young john edwards getty Andrew Young testifies in John Edwards trialThe campaign fund fraud trial is underway in North Carolina for former presidential candidate John Edwards. The two sides have started framing the case more as John Edwards v. former aide Andrew Young, who helped cover up the affair Edwards had with Rielle Hunter and subsequent child born from that affair.

Tuesday (April 24) Young testified for the government as to his involvement in the cover up. The testimony by Young for the prosecution comes with the hope that he himself will not be prosecuted for the cover up.

The cover up plan, according to Young’s testimony, included Young claiming he was actually the father of Rielle Hunter’s baby in order to protect Edwards. Young also claims Edwards asked him to let Hunter move in with his family in North Carolina where she was a demanding house guest, according to CNN.

“She could go shopping at Neiman Marcus, but she couldn’t go to grocery store,” Young testified.

Young also testified as to alleged misappropriate of campaign donations came about, saying heiress Rachel “Bunny” Mellon made out personal checks adding up to more than $1 million to her interior decorator, who would then write checks that would end up in the account of Young and his wife, who were covering up Rielle Hunter and the baby.

Young claims Hunter was eventually moved into her own house and the money was used to pay her $2700 rent, purchase furniture and buy a BMW. Hunter was also given a credit card under a different name for her personal use. Young further claims that Hunter’s typical monthly allowance to keep her from going to the press was $5,000, but that sometimes it was as much as $12,000.

Edwards is accused of concealing roughly $725,000 from the Federal Election Commission by filing false and misleading campaign disclosure reports and using that money on Hunter and the cover up.

Further testimony by Young reveals that Edwards allegedly called Hunter “a crazy slut” when she revealed to him that she was pregnant, and said that there was a 1-in-3 chance the child was his.

Edwards has always claimed the money was for “personal use” to keep the affair and scandal from his cancer-stricken wife Elizabeth and that while it was a fall from grace, he did nothing illegal.

If convicted of all six felony and misdemeanor counts against him, Edwards could face up to 30 years in prison.

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