andruw jones arrested Andruw Jones arrested for domestic violence on Christmas

Former Atlanta Braves center fielder Andruw Jones clearly does not understand that Christmas is supposed to be about spending quality time with your family, not hitting them. The five-time MLB All-Star was arrested early on Christmas day “in reference to a domestic dispute,” Gwinnett County police say in a statement.

Jones allegedly assaulted his wife Nicole after the two had hosted a Christmas party. In her incident report, Nicole says that her husband had consumed several alcoholic beverages. Everything was fine until she asked Jones to help her ready their house for Christmas day. That reportedly turned into a tussle, as he grabbed her arm and then her ankle, pulled her down to the ground and put his hand around her neck, saying, “I want to kill you.”

Nicole managed to escape and went to her parents’ home, and the police report says she had “visible injuries.” Jones denied hurting her. Police released the 35-year-old on a $2,400 bond.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz