Andy Cohen can add “author” to his extensive resume (which includes being an exec at Bravo and host of “Watch What Happens Live”) now that he’s published his first book, “Most Talkative.”

The memoir chronicles Cohen’s life and career path — from the early days as a pop culture-obsessed gay kid in the Midwest, to an intern at CBS, to the mind behind some of reality TV’s most ubiquitous hits. It’s candid, and packed with sincere admissions and even downright brutal (sometimes gory) details.

Zap2it sat down with Cohen on Monday (May 14) and he confirmed that he took full liberty to poke fun at himself (and his haircuts), saying “this book is as much about my failures as it is about my success.”

“Most Talkative” is quite rich in detail about the “Real Housewives” empire, and gives behind-the-scenes juice and backstory to some of the most widely publicized and dramatic moments in “Housewives” history (i.e. the White House gatecrashers, the RHONJ reunion in which Cohen was shoved by Teresa Giudice, and the decision-making which lead to terminating certain cast members).

That said, Cohen still hasn’t had any direct feedback from the Housewives about what he’s written, saying “The book just came out last week … I’m anxious to hear what they think.”

Throughout “Most Talkative,” Cohen recounts the varied celebrity encounters he’s had during his career as a fan and a professional alike. In these anecdotes, he takes a uniquely olfactory-driven approach — writing about everyone from Buddy Hackett to Tammy Faye Baker’s scents (hint: there’s a lot of lotion on these people).

We took the opportunity to put Cohen to a “Watch What Happens Live”-esque rapid fire about how certain celebrities smell:

Anderson Cooper? “Fresh.”

Ice-T’s wife, Coco? “Oooh, milky.”

Oh and in case you were wondering, Andy Cohen has no interest in reading “Fifty Shades of Grey” after multiple “WWHL” guests have trashed it.

“I’d rather find my own ‘Fifty Shades of Grey,'” he told us.

Truly, does his ambition know no bounds?

Posted by:Elizabeth Brady