news of the world last issue Andy Coulson arrested as final 'News of the World' issue hits UK stands

One of Rupert Murdoch‘s most prominent periodicals released its final issue on July 10 — just a day after former editor Andy Coulson reportedly turned himself in for arrest in the latest chapter of the ongoing probe of alleged phone-hacking done by the tabloid.

BusinessWeek reports Coulson, who had most recently been U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron‘s press chief until he resigned in January, is now in custody following the revelations that “NOTW” reporters hacked into the voice mail accounts of celebrities, bombing victims and a kidnapped child — just to name a few. (Actor Hugh Grant is among those asked to testify against the paper.)

The former editor is said to have turned himself in after reports emerged earlier this week that phone-hacking and police pay-offs had taken place at the paper. Murdoch, whose News Corp. owns “NOTW,” announced it would shutter the 168-year-old rag (the United Kingdom’s most read) earlier in the week.

Prime Minister Cameron even noted the allegations of his former staffer during a July 8 conference.

“I decided to give him a second chance,” Cameron said. “The decision to hire him was mine and mine alone and I take full responsibility.”

Per NYMag, the final issue of “NOTW” is apparently largely a commemorative issue, filled with lofty quotes from famous names made long before it become the yellow paper it’s been largely regarded as in recent years.

Though there hasn’t been any confirmation that Coulson was indeed arrested, police have said that a 43-year-old man (believed to be Coulson) was taken into custody and then released on bail.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell