andy roddick aug 2011 gi Andy Roddick throws a tantrum, wants more leniencyEver fire off an email in the heat of the moment and then instantly regret it as soon as you hit “send”? Then you know how tennis pro Andy Roddick feels.

Things got tough for Roddick during his match against Philipp Kohlschreiber in the opening round of the Western & Southern Open Monday (Aug. 15) night in Ohio. After winning the first set, he lost the second. Frustrated, he flung his racket to the floor and was given a warning by chair umpire Carlos Bernardes. Things got worse in the third set when in a moment of irritation he smacked a ball into the stands.

“Obviously a split-second thing,” Roddick says, according to the AP. “Soon as I hit it, I wanted it back.”

What he got instead ws a one-point penalty. He ultimately lost the set and the match.

“Pretty sure I saw an 8-year-old girl catch it on the way down. [Bernardes] was telling me I hit it as hard as I could. I was like, ‘Dude …'” Roddick says, before going on to posit that lack of leniency in such matters accounts for tennis not having the same draw as football … or wrestling.

“It’s so frustrating. I certainly accept what I did. I put him in a bad situation out there, but I do think it’s stupid in tennis that — I mean, in football if someone throws a helmet on the sideline, it’s their helmet. We wonder where we lose our ratings battles to the WWF, Monday Night Raw.”

Preferring to look at such spontaneous moments as a good thing for fans — “someone goes home from a souvenir” — Roddick advocates not hating the player, or the game.

“Seems counterproductive. At a certain point, I would love it if we got out of our own way.”

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