090601sacha-flying1 Andy Samberg‘s head writer on the MTV Movie Awards, Scott Aukerman, now admits that the controversial Bruno/Eminem stunt was completely staged and rehearsed.

Which means that Slim Shady — who appeared to be utterly horrified at the sight of Bruno's privates and later stormed out of the Universal Ampitheatre in anger — is a much better actor than he proved in "Eight Mile."

Why, he's poised to be the new Sean Penn!

According to the Pop and Hiss blog, after a day of silence from Slim Shady and MTV, Aukerman wrote on his Tumbler: "Yes, the Eminem-Bruno incident was staged. They rehearsed it at dress [rehearsal] and yes, it went as far as it did on the live show."

What about the angry look Eminem gave Cohen’s buttocks? Just acting.

And that serious storm-out? According to TV Guide, "Most of the big celebs came, did their thing and left."

Missed the show and the video of the stunt? Watch it again here

Do you buy this explanation? Or are they saying this to help Eminem save face?

Check out Aukerman’s Tumbler for more inside scoop on the show.

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead