angela lansbury murder she wrote reboot Angela Lansbury 'terribly pleased and relieved' 'Murder, She Wrote' reboot is no more

One person that’s really happy NBC decided not to move forward with its planned “Murder, She Wrote” reboot starring Octavia Spencer is the original “Murder, She Wrote” star herself, Angela Lansbury.

Lansbury played amateur sleuth Jessica Fletcher in the original series, which ran from 1984 to 1996 on CBS. She already spoke out against the reboot back when NBC first announced its plans and now tells BBC that she’s “terribly pleased and relieved” that the remake is no more. 

“I knew it was a terrible mistake,” Lansbury says. “I didn’t want to sully the memory. Octavia Spencer is a superb actress. She had no business being put into a situation that she couldn’t win.”

Lansbury hasn’t been afraid to voice her opinions on the reboot, and called it a “mistake” back in November. 

“I think it’s a mistake to call it ‘Murder, She Wrote,’ because ‘Murder, She Wrote’ will always be about a Cabot Cove and this wonderful little group of people who told those lovely stories and enjoyed a piece of that place, and also enjoyed Jessica Fletcher, who is a rare and very individual kind of person,” Lansbury said. “So I’m sorry that they have to use the title ‘Murder, She Wrote,’ even though they have access to it and it’s their right.”

Do you agree with Lansbury that NBC made the right call in scrapping its plans?

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum