angelina jolie brad pitt suicide girls rumor gi Angelina Jolie gets Brad Pitt an X rated Valentine's Day giftIt seems Angelina Jolie was a lot more thoughtful than her baby daddy Brad Pitt when it came to Valentine’s Day. Apparently there is a running joke between the pair about Angie’s halitosis, so Brad gave her breath mints in lieu of a romantic gift.

Angelina, who’s notorious for splurging on pricey gifts for Brad, also went the understated route this time. But she got her man something he may be a little more excited about than a package of mints. According to the National Enquirer, Angie ordered Brad an X-rated coffee table book, “Suicide Girls: Hard Girls, Soft Light.”

The Suicide Girls are legendary for their “DIY” brand of erotica, and their new book features hundreds of tough, tattooed punk-rock types baring it all under the angelic glow of daylight. The book purports to portray young women who are “more brazen than the girl-next-door,” and the company calls itself the “most dangerous collection of outsider women in the world.” Hmm … sound like anyone we know?

The mag’s insider says Angelina thought the girls featured in the book were reminiscent of her own younger days. Well, she didn’t have the tattoos yet, but what do you think — could Angie have made it as a Suicide Girl?
 suicide girls hard girls soft light angelina jolie Angelina Jolie gets Brad Pitt an X rated Valentine's Day gift

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