The crowds went wild for Angelina Jolie at the "Inglourious Basterds" premiere at Graumann's Chinese Theatre on Monday night.

ActorsAng_Leste_58087944_600 Angie and Brad Pitt signed hundreds of autographs and waved to hundreds of screaming fans.

Said seasoned journalist Leah Sydney: "I have never, ever, ever seen anything like this!"

Angelina was smokin' in a black leather dress (we're guessing Versace) with 4-inch stiletto heels.

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Brad was hot too. But you know, Angie just steals the show.

What do you think? Does Angelina still rule? Can Megan Fox even compete?

Remember the last time she wore leather? At the premiere of "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," back when they weren't officially together.

Yeah, she knows Brad loves her in some black biker leather…

Keep reading to see her last Versace black leather look in 2004…..


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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead