angelina back Angelina Jolie looks sexy coming and going

Angelina Jolie is promoting her new action adventure film, “Salt”, in Japan. And she really pulled out the big guns — fashionwise — for her Far East trek.

Her black gown showed off her beautiful back tiger tatt and seen from the front, it also revealed about a mile of taut, toned thigh. By the looks of it, the slit in this gown wasn’t just thigh high, it was more like crotch-high.

All we can say is thank God she didn’t wear this to Comic-Con last week. The poor CC geeks retinas almost burst into flames from looking at Jolie’s black leather ensemble and suffered further from the sight of Blake Lively and Eva Mendes’s overly exposed cleavage

Which view of Angie do you prefer? Front or back? Or both.


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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead