angelina jolie salt 320 Angelina Jolie spices up new 'Salt' trailerAngelina Jolie goes back into action-movie mode this summer with “Salt,” and from the looks of the new trailer, it tips more to the “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” end of the scale than the “Wanted” end.

Jolie, in her first movie since “Changeling” in 2008, plays CIA Agent Evelyn Salt, who’s accused of being a Russian spy with a mission to kill that country’s president. She goes on the run, and lots of motorcycle-stealing, butt-kicking, hair-color-changing mayhem ensues.

The movie also stars Liev Schreiber as Salt’s CIA colleague, who can’t believe what he’s hearing, and Chiwetel Ejiofor as the man assigned to track her down. Phillip Noyce (“Clear and Present Danger,” “The Quiet American”) directed the movie, which was written by Brian Helgeland and Kurt Wimmer.

Thrillers like what “Salt” appears to be can rise or fall depending on how well-executed the inevitable twist is, so it’s hard to say whether the full movie will be as fun to watch as the trailer. These two-plus minutes, though, are pretty entertaining.

“Salt” is scheduled to open in July.

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