angelina jolie 320 Angelina Jolie teams up with Darren Aronofsky on 'Serena'We’re not going to say we’re sorry that Angelina Jolie decided to pass on a sequel to “Wanted.”  We don’t think anyone really needs that, except maybe Mark Millar and his accountant.  And when she passed on it, she did so to consider some very interesting other offers, including an outer-space picture with Alfonso Cuaron (yes, please).

Now word has surfaced that Angelina Jolie may be teaming up with Darren Aronofsky on an adaptation of “Serena: A Novel.”  It sounds intense, and we’d love to see her work with him.  Aronofsky seems to be working faster and faster these days. The more movies we get from him, the better.

Also, interesting story over at /Film about how there will be five sequences in “Tron Legacy” that will take full advantage of the IMAX format, a la “The Dark Knight.”  One difference, though, and it’s an important one… unlike “The Dark Knight,” the sequences weren’t shot using actual IMAX cameras.

We’re looking forward to seeing the footage as soon as possibl, and hope the movie is as big a trip as the original was. Disney’s certainly got the full weight of their marketing muscle working on building awareness for it already.

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