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Actress Angelina Jolie recently visited a refugee camp in Jordan, near the Syrian border, to join a direct appeal to the world to do more for Syrian’s refugees. Her celebrity prowess has drawn a huge influx of media attention where there wasn’t much of one before, and she recalls her experiences and pleads with the politicians of the world to help.

“It’s been a very heavy experience because oftentimes you come to these camps … very rarely do you come and meet them as they cross the border and you get to know people the moment they become a refugee, the moment they have forever lost their home, their schooling, their livelihood, their education, everything that they have been is gone ad when I ask them what did you bring, they say this, ‘The shirt on my back,'” says Jolie.

“Little children, I ask what they saw, and they described body parts separated and burned people being pulled apart like chicken. That’s a little nine-year-old girl that said that,” she continues. “I’ve been speaking the last two days with the people from Syria and what they describe on the ground, hearing it from them, is so horrific.”

“The people of Syria are asking who’s on their side, who’s on our side? Who’s going to help us because they say as the months go on, there will be no more of us,” Jolie concludes. “It is a horrific situation and very, very critical time. So for all the politicians out there … we hope and pray that they figure something out soon because people are dying. Hundreds and hundreds of people are dying every day.”

The civil war in Syria is led by an escalating military campaign by President Bashar al-Assad’s forces and has been on-going for nearly a year and a half.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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