angels among us rosie cepero season 1 premiere 'Angels Among Us' series premiere recap: 'I could make a lot of money doing this, but I don't'TLC’s newest series about a New Yorker communicating with the dearly departed, “Angels Among Us,” hopes to provide a half hour of uplifting stories about guardian angels among every day people. According to medium Rosie Cepero, there really are angels among us. In fact, anyone can be a guardian angel: A person’s friends, family members, saints, or even absolute strangers.

Unlike “Angels”‘ lead-in, “Long Island Medium,” this is the story of a low-key woman with a gift, in a small town in Broome County, NY. Everything about “Angels” is lower-key, less flamboyant, and downright quiet in comparison. After all, Rosie lives with her husband and three sons on a farm in the middle of nowhere.

She does this, because it’s a gift and she can’t shut it off. She’s had it since she was three years old, after all.

People travel hours to see Rosie and have her channel their guardian angels, all in the hopes that there will be some sort of proof that a loved one is watching over them. In the second episode, Rosie is even able to convince a skeptic, Tony, who tags along with his believer brother, Steven.

While Steven is the one who wants the reading, Rosie ends up communicating with Rodney, Tony’s buddy/colleague who died on 9/11 and has been Tony’s guardian angel since that day. So even a skeptic becomes a believer, and the one who had faith has even more confirmation.

But Rosie doesn’t just have people come to her. She comes to them for house calls, doing group readings or confirming to a mother that her five-year-old daughter’s imaginary friend is actually her guardian angel. She makes believers out of skeptics, and she truly touches the lives of those who seek her out.

And even when she’s out and about, there is no off switch for her gift. She could be buying party supplies or getting her nails done — but if the angels want to communicate, the angels are going to communicate.

Posted by:LaToya Ferguson