charlie sheen kerri kenney anger management 'Anger Management' series premiere: Is Charlie Sheen's new show a keeper?Charlie Sheen made his return to television Thursday night (June 28) with “Anger Management” on FX. How do you think it went?

As we noted in our review, Sheen’s scenes with Shawnee Smith as his ex and Daniela Bobadilla as his daughter had an ease about them that hinted at a show that could be pretty watchable. The family relationship feels lived-in and comfortable.

That didn’t extend, however, to the therapy scenes, which featured way too many ham-handed jokes. It’s also kind of tough to get past the obvious redemption theme in Charlie the character’s story without feeling like Sheen is using the show to offer a mea culpa for his past behavior, which involves things much more serious than the character’s having cheated on his wife.

Also, the “slump buster” story in the second episode? Yecch. It’s nice that Charlie Goodson wants to make up for past behavior, but the jokes still come far too much at the poor woman’s (guest star Kerri Kenney) expense, and the feeling conveyed is Charlie is more interested in looking good for his ex and daughter than genuinely making amends.

TV comedies can take a while to come together, for sure, so we’ll be keeping an eye on “Anger Management” to see where it goes over the course of its initial 10-episode run. But Thursday’s premiere did not feel like a show on top of its game yet.

What did you think of the “Anger Management” premiere?

Posted by:Rick Porter